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Large file reader

Name: Large file reader

File size: 990mb

Language: English

Rating: 3/10



By default, EmEditor uses temporary files when it opens a file larger than MB. You can check and edit this size in the Advanced tab of the Customize dialog box. If you open a file larger than this size, a few highlighting features are disabled, including multiple-line comments. UltraEdit can be used to edit large text files. Learn how to configure UltraEdit to optimize editing large text files. Disable temp files - Disable line terminator - Disable code folding.

2 Answers. is a free online editor that can open and highlight syntax TB+ files instantly, supports UTF-8, and can run on a modern browser in any OS. (Liquid Studio Large File Editor Opens and edits TB+ files instantly, supports UTF-8, Unicode, etc. SlickEdit. Large Text File Viewer (read only). A Free Large File Editor providing the ability to open and edit huge files ( Gigabyte, Terabyte, even Petabyte files), with all features of a standard editor - Cut and.

Large Text File Viewer is designed for viewing large text files. It uses little memory and is able to open very large files (> 1GB) instantly. Background file indexing makes browsing even faster. It also allows the user to perform high-speed complex text search by means of plain text or regular expression. Large text viewer was designed for viewing large text files (over gigabytes).

It uses small amount of memory and you can view file before it's completely loaded. Download Large Text File Reader for free. This is a small program I made to read Large text files without opening them completely,but reading.

Use EditPad Lite to easily edit any kind of plain text file. EditPad Lite has all the essential features to make text editing a breeze: Large file and long line support. This is a web application for reading large text files using only the internet browser. Editor: Opens giant (think 5 GB) files in binary mode and allow you to edit HxD: Hex editor, good for large files: portable version available.


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